Private Equity is the transaction to make an investment to a company according to medium-term strategic planning, and realizing an exit from that company as a result of the planned period of time. This transaction covers the expansion of the current business, acquisition and restructuring investments.
Private Equity Investment Trust ("PEIT"), are investment trusts, which are organized to carry out business activities in the field of private equity within the framework of Capital Markets Board's regulations. Within this scope, PEIP's can:
a) Make investments in companies within the framework of provisions determined in Capital Markets Board's relevant communique.
b) Participate in the management of companies, and provide consulting services.
c)Make investments in capital market instruments traded in secondary markets and money market instruments in order to diversify their portfolio.
d) Become indebted in amounts equivalent to half of their equity capital for short-term debts, and provided that amount of the debt does not exceed 200% of their equity capital.
e) Invest in private equity funds established in a foreign country in order to make investment in companies established in Turkey. However, the risks arising from these investments must be limited to the amount of capital directed to the investment.
f) Become a partner with consulting companies established inside and outside the country in order to provide consultancy service for private equity activities in Turkey.
g) Become a partner with portfolio management companies established inside of Turkey, and portfolio management companies, which are established outside Turkey, but activity scope of which is limited to Turkey.
Partnerships can be established instantaneously. Also, companies with different business scopes, can amend their articles of association in accordance with the provisions of Laws and Declarations and turn into private equity investment trust. Newly established and converted Private Equity Investment Trust must:
Be established in accordance with registered capital principle and as joint stock companies,
Their initial capital must not be less than the amount determined by the board,
Cash equivalents of partnership shares must be issued,
They must be registered with "Private Equity Investment Trust" title
Their articles of association must comply with the provisions of Turkish Commercial Code and Capital Market Legislation,
Their founders must meet the conditions stipulated in the applicable law,
At least one of the founding partners must be the leading shareholder,
They must have portfolio management certificate stipulated in Capital Market Legislation.
Private Equity Investment Trust entered into our legal system with Capital Market Law No: 2499. Detailed regulations related to all investment partnerships are stipulated in Communiques of the Board. Since private equity partnerships are established as joint stock companies, they are obliged to comply with the regulations of Turkish Commercial code on joint stock companies, for all subjects, which are not specified within the scope of Capital Market Legislation.
İş Private Equity started private equity activities with Capital Market Board's decision dated October 5, 2000. In October, 2004, 37.69% of İş Private Equity was offered to the public on İstanbul Stock Exchange with 57.78 million USD market value.
Consolidated financial statements and portfolio statements which are prepared quarterly within the scope of Capital Market Legislation, are announced to the public through Public Disclosure Platform ( and published on corporate website ( You can also have access to additional information about İş Girişim's investments from this channel.