Employees of İş Private Equity act within the framework of ethical principles, while fulfilling the mission to "provide capital and management information to companies with high potential of growth, in order to contribute to the process of realizing their projects, and provide high return rates to the shareholders."

İş Private Equity;

  • Pays strict attention to conduct its activities within the framework of Corporate
  • Governance Principles. Maintains relationships with employees, partners, affiliates and other parties in accordance with the provisions of law and moral principles.
  • Treats other companies in the same sector in good faith and strictly complies with code of fair competition.
  • Aims to provide its shareholders with higher returns compared to other investment alternatives with its effective portfolio management and exemplary corporate structure.
  • Aims to provide its shareholders high incomes with low risk, and makes sure that following criteria are met by investment companies in general.
  • An honest and transparent management mentality.
  • A structure with high potential of growth.
  • Competitiveness potential in the sector, in which it carries out its business activities.
  • Growth potential of the sector, in which it carries out its business activities.
  • Our company makes sure that the private equity company benefits from the knowledge, experience and expertise of İş Girişim to its best interest.
  • Guides the private equity companies in business processes and helps them to grow thanks to its experience and certain rights.
  • Helps private equity companies to determine internal policies and procedures and formalize them in order to develop the corporate structure.
  • Takes all the precautions necessary to prevent conflicts of interest.
  • Shows maximum effort to ensure that data issued, disclosed by the company and submitted to regulatory authorities are thorough, accurate and understandable, and such documents are disclosed in due time.
  • Ensures that shareholders have access to company information in due time and with minimum costs.
  • Treats every employee working within the body of the company equally, and provide a fair and reliable working environment.
  • Protects the honour and legal rights of employees.
  • Provide feedbacks related to competencies of our employees, and evaluate their performance according to relevant criteria and targets.


  • Act in accordance with laws and internal regulations of the company.
  • Adopt and maintain the prestige and honour of İş Girişim Sermayesi.
  • They act reasonably and rigorously in their relationships with each other and other parties.
  • Avoid relationships that might lead to affording advantage and/or conflict of interest.
  • They always make an effort to increase their knowledge and experience, and develop themselves.
  • They have been aware of their obligation to protect the confidential information and trade secrets of the company.
  • They act responsibly with regard to the company's assets and proper use of resources.
  • They are liable to inform the management about any condition that violates codes of conduct.